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SAR project and builds capacitors and pfc equipment with a wide range of products able to satisfy all the demands of pfc; from low voltage to high voltage.
The automation in the productive processes and the long experience of the technical founders of the firm, have allowed and they allow a continuous qualitative improvement of the own production.
SAR realized its own processing management in compliance with product standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.
The aim of SAR quality system provide: Customer satisfaction in terms of product features, delivery, contract clauses and support service; Range of products assuring quality in accordance with safety laws and regulations, reliability and environment.
SAR products are 100% made in Italy, and tested and comply with current products standards.
For the correct choice of the pfc equipment to install in a system you can use two parameter THDIc% THDIr% THDIr represents the current total harmonic distortion in the system (measurable with an appropriate instrumentation).
THDIc represents the current harmonic distortion on the capacitors.
This value allows us to comprehend how much a capacitor could be overloaded in presence of harmonics.
This hypotheses are general and valid in the most cases, but SAR will not be liable for any wrong choice of product.

All of our automatic pfc equipment are equipped with the new generation of microprocessor controller type MRK with backlit LCD screen with text